What is FUNToken (FUN)?

FUNToken is a blockchain-based system that provides a robust, transparent, and openly fair mechanism for tracing transactions and maintaining an unbiased distribution of earnings during gaming. It uses the power of blockchain in the gaming industry to reduce the custodial elements of traditional gaming.

FUNToken seeks to solidify its position as the world’s number one gaming token. They chose to do this through several initiatives:

dPlay Casino

The existing dPlay casino will be migrated from FUN to XFUN once XFUN is live.  It will continue to serve as a test bed for future technology and as a lightweight “plugin” casino for sites with large user bases, such as Freebitco.in.

XFUN Casino

XFUN Casino features a richer game selection and enhanced functionality.  It will operate in XFUN from the outset.

Sports Betting

BETR peer-to-peer sports betting will be relaunched on XFUN.  This sophisticated betting system is entirely on-chain and enables players to take either side of a sports bet, coupled with integration to real-time odds engines covering all major sports and eSports.

Casino Lay Staking

They will introduce Casino Lay Staking, enabling players to take the position of “the house” in Q1 2022.


FUNToken has launched a new token, XFUN on the Polygon sidechain which is more performant and less expensive than Ethereum. This new technology allows for efficient on-chain transactions with zero cost and low latency.

XFUN is the new layer 2 token that will change the dynamics of FUN and bring in the next level in the gaming journey. XFUN is a token on the Polygon Network, benefitting from the significantly increased performance and lower latency on this blockchain system.  It is minted through a process whereby FUN tokens are escrowed from the Ethereum Main-net and removed from trading circulation.

XFUN will replace FUN as the token behind dPlay Casino and will be introduced to several new gambling ventures over the next 6 months, including a new XFUN Casino, a fully on-chain poker room, and a sportsbook.


XFUN is a new token on a faster blockchain that maintains a 1:1 value with FUN including full interoperability and enables FUN to leverage the power of blockchain and build out their strategy for decentralized gambling treasury and funds management.

One fundamental proposition of XFUN is to move this activity onto the blockchain, leaving players in control of their funds and protecting them against insufficiently funded operators. XFUN will achieve this by using on-chain escrow for players’ and operators’ funds during the lifecycle of a bet.

XFUN Bridge

The XFUN Bridge will provide a mechanism for robust and secure swapping of FUN into XFUN and vice versa.  It will work by escrowing incoming FUN on the Ethereum mainnet and minting XFUN on Polygon. The reverse process involves burning XFUN and releasing funds from the escrow account on the mainnet. FUNToken will also publish a real-time web page where users can verify that the escrow accounts match the XFUN issued at any point in time.

The XFUN Wallet

Say goodbye to old-fashioned, overcomplicated, bound-to-one cryptocurrency wallets as there is a new player in the crypto-sphere called XFUN wallet.​​

The XFUN wallet supports multiple coins, from Bitcoin to Ethereum. You can also store all ERC-20 coins on it and the native FUN and XFUN tokens. Registration is done with just one tap on the screen, and coin transfers are made by simply scanning the location you’re transferring from or to. The entire XFUN ecosystem is safe and seamless to use.

The wallet is a revolutionary step from Funtoken as it is non-custodial, which means the user is the only one who has the private key to the wallet and has complete custody over the digital funds stored inside. It is also a multi-chain wallet because it is connected to more chains. It supports Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens, but also $XFUN, which is a Polygon layer-2 token. It is a truly versatile wallet.


Who are the founders of FUNToken (FUN)?

The founder of FUNToken is Adriaann Brinkm. He is the CEO and is also passionate about betting, gambling, and internet payment technology. Adriaan designed and built several industrial strength systems and has over 20 years of experience operating online gambling sites, including the world’s first online gaming site – plus lotto – launched in 1995.

Regis Pissot is FUNToken’s CMO. He is a seasoned iGaming professional with 19 years of experience spanning retention, product, all gaming verticals, B2C/B2B, and all continents. Regis has a proven ability to maximize players’ lifetime value worldwide thanks to his innovative marketing campaigns and expert product knowledge. Previously, he had driven the mobile Casino hyper-growth across Asia. He is now committed to establishing FUN Token as the core token for the disruptive iGaming Web 3.0 category.

What is FUNToken (FUN) used for?

Hold FUN and XFUN tokens

Users can hold both FUN and XFUN tokens in their wallets.

Integrate with 3rd party network to participate in the ecosystem

FUNToken allows for the integration with both the Ethereum main-net and Polygon to ensure the seamless and user-friendly swapping of FUN into XFUN. Users can also integrate FIAT to FUN/XFUN opportunities using 3rd party processors.

Free transactions

Gas-free transactions on XFUN were available for users, increasing the appeal and utility of the FUN and XFUN tokens.


How is FunToken (FUN) unique?

With a well-defined roadmap and a team who have a proven record in delivering blockchain solutions, FUNToken is on track to deliver advanced gaming opportunities with clear direction for FUNToken’s utility, relevant software development, and technical infrastructure.

FUNToken is actively working with major operators to increase content for its users as they intend to grant access to the substantial FUNToken community coupled with a fast and efficient token that positions FUN/XFUN as the premium gaming token.

FUNToken welcomes cooperation with existing gaming operators and is also continually improving the simple and effective integration mechanisms to widen participation in the FUN ecosystem.

FUNToken has a close relationship with Freebitco.in (FBC), which is the largest BTC faucet in the world and has a player base of over 46 million players. FBC committed to FUN as a premium membership token earlier this year and started selling FUN to its members. 

As of August 2021, FBC has over 170,000 premium members holding over 430 million FUN.  These members will all be automatically moved to XFUN once the wallets and bridge are ready, giving XFUN an immediate audience.  By comparison, it is worth noting that FUN (on the mainnet) has around 86,000 token holders. Within the first month of XFUN, more than 10% of the circulating supply will likely be escrowed into XFUN.


How many FUNToken (FUN) coins are in circulation?

FUN tokens are pre-minted with no further issuances in sight. There is a maximum supply of 17 billion FUN tokens created in an official FUN pre-sale on June 22, 2017, and more than 80% of all tokens were distributed to industrial investors and purchasers during this pre-sale event.


How is FUNToken (FUN) secured?

FUNToken will move towards a more dynamic model whereby the blockchain will secure transactions in a more granular manner, providing players with robust on-chain records and the security of knowing that every bet is covered by the counterparty.


How do I buy FUNToken (FUN)?

The FUNToken token can be used for a wide range of uses, like staking and payments.

FUNToken tokens can be easily purchased by the following steps. 

* Open an account with the crypto trading platform.

* Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.

* Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and buy FUNToken through your trading account.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports FUNToken (FUN)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously, such as FUNToken (FUN). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms, as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies.  Users can easily use PTPWallet as their FUN wallet because it offers a simple interactive interface, making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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