What is DeapCoin (DEP)?

For profound gamers who spend hours of their time and hard-earned resources on games and various gaming platforms, amassing wealth and conquering quests, the one question that plagues their mind is ‘If only I could be as rich in real life as I am in the game?’ Well, this can be a reality as DeapCoin has developed tools to ensure that.

As with other DeFi platforms with an aim, DeapCoin is not excluded as its mission is to Change the games while Changing the world. Its goal is to create a new perception of gaming, which is gamers’ continuous unrequited financial investment. In exchange, DEA Project will reward their most loyal users who spend time on their gaming platforms, enjoying their services. 

To ensure this reward policy is successful, DEA Project has developed an official cryptocurrency token that will serve as the reward currency to the game users in place of charging them. To ensure the rewarded tokens are put into good use and gain popularity, a platform is being created that allows users to spend the currency, which facilitates the circulation of the token in the economic market.

The concept is called ‘PlayMining’, which translates to users mining rewards while playing games. To create a similar earning mechanism for Youtubers like PewDiePie and Tiltokers like Kaby Lame, a system is being developed to house a large population of people who will make a living through PlayMining. These individuals will be called ‘PlayMiners’.

The PlayMining platform is a blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment platform that features digital arts and other forms of auditory and visual entertainment. It consists of three main elements: the DEA Bank, the Digital Art Auction, and the Game. These elements are all linked with Digital Assets, owned collectively by all registered PlayMiners, and are interconnected to function together.

– DEA Bank: It is a secured environment implemented by blockchain technology and serves as a wallet where PlayMiners get to put and check on their earned rewards.

– Digital Art Auction: It is a highly entertaining platform that allows for the purchase, sales, and trading of Digital Assets between PlayMiners.

– Game/Manga: The Game is the concept that serves as the money-earning platform. The more a user plays the free, no charging game or reads the manga available, the more DEP coins they earn. 

Who are the Founders of DeapCoin (DEP)?

Naohito Yoshida founded the DeapCoin network. He is the Chief Executive Officer and established this development at the age of 28, alongside an anime company called GLAMS Co., Ltd. Although he is regarded as one of the pioneers of the animation industry in Japan, he was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer at 32. Tragedy struck again as he went bankrupt at 34; he bounced back by establishing three startups that offered human resources, content creation, and media ads to the public.

Alongside Naohito is Shigeru Shiina, the Co-founder who is profound for his works on AI research at NEC Central Research Laboratories. Another notable mention is Shinya Kiriu, the COO and attended the University of Tokyo.

Taishi Sato is the CPdM and Kozo Yamanda, the Co-founder and CSO.

What is DeapCoin (DEP) used?

The DeapCoin platform gives room for PlayMiners to earn in the Game Zone. There are specific settings and scenes in a game that rewards the player a specific amount of DEP tokens if won as directed by the smart contract. These scenes and special conditions include winning a quest or an in-game card, passing a task, or beating an existing record.

Increased Use Value

On the gaming platform, PlayMiners are provided the opportunity to purchase Digital Assets based on their game of choice or manga; this allows them to hold the purchased asset and sell it for a higher price. Also, the ownership of these items grants special powers and unlocks several skills.


Owning DEP tokens makes it easy to purchase items or participate in events o platforms that accept them. Although these platforms are less likely to be in African and Western countries and more available in Japan and Japanese friends, with the amasses love and interest Manga and anime have gained. Users can get the opportunity to access their amines and mangas.

Also, the DEP tokens can be exchanged for an equal amount of the receiving tokens. The DEP tokens can be exchanged to access ANJ tokens, they can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrency pairs like USDT and DAL to earn a profit for their users.

What Is the Unique Point of DeapCoin (DEP)?

Unlike most Ethereum based developments that use the regular Proof of Stake (PoS) or Proof of Work (PoW), DeapCoin uses its unique consensus system known as the Proof of Play (PoP). The Proof of Play (PoP) is uniquely designed to be an indispensable auto-circulatory, an auto-regulatory model that will control and ensure the fair distribution of DEP tokens amongst PlayMiners.

It needs three different conditions before it gets executed;

Launch day: Immediately after the launch, the model is not activated as the quantity of DEP tokens distributed to the PlayMiners exceeds the number of coins earned by the operating entity. Therefore, the DEP tokens will be released from the minable reserves following the release of new IPs.

A substantial number of days have passed: There is bound to be an increase in the number of participants by third-party IP creators creating an increase in the economic zone. Invariably, the participation will cause a proportional increase to the number of auctions, number of PlayMiners, and several operating entities. This will allow part of the DEA tokens to be distributed to the players via the approval of the DEA.

Final Stage: there is a balance in the distribution of DEP tokens in the PlayMiners economic zone canceling the need to supply tokens from the Minable Reserve.

How many DeapCoin (DEP) coins are in circulation?

The DeapCoin token has a maximum token supply value of 30 billion, it has a current supply value of 4.5 billion DEP tokens and a total market capitalization value of over $500 million. This ERC—20 token had an initial issuance value of 10 billion and successfully recoded a sale of the aforementioned price.

Is the DeapCoin (DEP) Network secured?

The DeapCoin network is secured as there has been no evidence or recorded case of theft. They have several measures put in place to ensure the security remains intact and uptight, sone of these measures include:

A system solely for receiving source code safety audits by a trusted external auditing organization. This is to ensure all boxes were checked to avoid any form of breach.

Like every consensus system used by Ethereum is the proof of work protocol that requires miners to compete to find a nonce for and the system only records blocks that have been successfully verified before they are later added to the existing blockchain. Although the Proof of Play has more effect.

How do I buy DeapCoin (DEP)?

DeapCoin is gotten mainly from gaming or manga reading on their platform. For non-PlayMiners who would love to get their hands on the token to access another beautiful experience.

Thankfully, DEP tokens are available across several exchanges and can be easily purchased by the following steps.

  • Open an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Transfer the specific amount of your fiat currency to your account.
  • Wait for your deposit to be confirmed and Buy DEP through your trading account.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports DeapCoin (DEP)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as DeapCoin. Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their DeapCoin wallet because offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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