What is Anyswap (ANY)?

The Anyswap platform is a completely distributed protocol that was launched in 2020 to allow for the easy swapping of tokens from several different platforms. The platform is one of a collection of networks that have made their way into the Defi space to serve the purpose of facilitating cross-token trading and swaps. The system is able to do this through its designated ECDSA Signature platform.

Currently, the Anyswap network is reported to have incorporated over 95% of the major cryptocurrencies available, some of which include XRP, Tether, and Litecoin. The system also has the backing of Fusion’s Decentralized Control Rights Management (DRCM), this allows the system to better be able to manage the flow of token exchanges across the different blockchain networks. The Anyswap network has deployed a series of bridges that connect several ecosystems and allow for the execution of cross-chain transactions.


Who are the Founders of Anyswap (ANY)?

The Anyswap network was founded by Dejun Qian, the current CEO of Fusion and a well-respected name in the cryptocurrency community.

Qian obtained his degree from Fudan University and finished with a 3.2 GPA. Immediately after completing his education, he landed a job at the IBM company where he worked for 11 years in several capacities. His first appointment in the company was as its senior client relationships manager, later he became the Client unit executive. Upon leaving IBM, he became the chief executive officer at BitSE. While being the most senior executive at BitSE, he became a principal visionary at the Fusion foundation, before later landing another CEO position at Chainge finance.

Over the years, he has proven to be competent in the execution of his duties and has assembled a team of professionals to help with the required duties on the platform.


What is Anyswap (ANY) used for?

The Anyswap system was created with the main aim of establishing a link between several blockchains. The provisions of the system allow for the swapping and trading of cryptocurrency tokens among a large collection. While the system is mainly able to execute the transactions with the use of ECDSA Signature Support, the system also incorporates several other technologies to provide its services.

ANY is the native token of AnySwap. The token conforms to the Fusion platform standards and is utilized for governance reasons. ANY holders have the right to vote on the AnySwap network’s working nodes.


What Is the Unique Point of Anyswap (ANY)?

The Anyswap network is powered by Fusion, a network that makes use of a procedure known as private key sharding where the private key to the network is divided into bits and managed by a consortium of network nodes, in order to ensure the safety of the platform. These parts of the private key are constantly kept away from each other while transactions such as trading or transfers are being executed on the platform to ensure its security. The Anyswap network also has a smart contract system that is completely open-source, and as such ensures security by making use of individual audits.

The Anyswap platform is kept as an open-source system because it provides an easy way for verification depending on if the platform is decentralized or not. One of the strongest features of the network is that its dedicated tokens pave a way for users to exchange their tokens instantly. The ANY token also gives its token holders the freedom to ascertain the most appropriate coins to be listed on its decentralized exchange.


How many Anyswap (ANY) coins are in circulation?

Based on information from the Anyswap website, the maximum token supply of ANY tokens is pegged at 100,000,000 and is incapable of exceeding that amount under any circumstances. The token also has a circulating supply of around 17 million. The initial supply of its tokens was 15 million, which also includes an initial liquidity injection of 5 million when the platform was officially launched. The leftover 10 million tokens were earmarked and dedicated to the platform’s ecosystem and the community at large to promote its userbase.


Is the Anyswap (ANY) Network secured?

Like most of the tokens available now which are based on smart contracts, the Anyswap platform is also an ERC-20 based token. As a result, the system’s protection protocol is the same as the Ethereum blockchain as a whole.

Ethereum as a network is secured by a dedicated proof of stake mechanism. This consensus algorithm features a staking protocol where the nodes responsible for the network’s protection have their stakes in its system, thus preventing in-house malicious activities.


How do I buy Anyswap (ANY)?

There have been several needs that have developed over the years, due to the rise in the use of cryptocurrency, as such, a need for bridges connecting different platforms has risen and this need is what the Anyswap platform fills. The system links different blockchains and allows for cross-swapping across various cryptocurrency types and thus has led to it becoming generally more mainstream. Now, it is available on several exchanges and can be purchased by the steps below.


  • Interested parties are required to create an account with the crypto trading platform.
  • Then, they are required to transfer a specific amount of fiat money to the crypto account
  • After they will have to wait till the transaction has been approved, they can now buy their ALCX tokens.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Anyswap (ANY)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Anyswap (ANY). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their Anyswap wallet because it offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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