What is Anji (ANJI)?

The Anji platform is a decentralized network of interconnected apps that are deployed in various uses in an ever-expanding ecosystem. The system has several services to offer its users, some of which cut across the provision of Defi services that are for the direct benefits of its token holders, as well as creating a development environment that guarantees top-tier production for the users.

Ever since the system was founded in the fervor of the token economy, one of the most asked questions is the possibility of the token’s elevation to a point where new sets of investors can harness its use case and take advantage of its provisions.

According to the team that was responsible for its establishment, the Anji network is working on establishing its entire ecosystem as a whole which includes the deployment of a collection of new products, among which include AjiLabs token which provides users with voting power on the ecosystem as a whole.


Who are the Founders of Anji (ANJI)?

The Anji platform has been spearheaded since it’s early days by a collection of top-rated professionals which including Caleb Smiler, Nick White, and Douglas Woods among several others. Although they are relatively young, however, they have proven with their managerial skills that they are the right fit for the job.

Smiles currently serves as the CEO of the platform and has been in that position for close to a year now. He holds a degree from the Auckland University of Technology. While his work experience is mostly limited to service in major tech-based firms, he has managed to build himself through his journey up to the point of heading the entire ecosystem.

white is the company’s current chief technology officer and holds a number of degrees from different universities across various fields. His first degree was a Diploma from the City Honors School, then he moved on to the Canisius college and then the University of Buffalo. He has served as a software developer in several organizations.


What is Anji (ANJI) used for?

The Anji platform is centered around a reward system where the goal is mainly to give back to the cryptocurrency society, as a result of this, users who hold its token are entitled to special rewards on its ecosystem. In general, the main idea behind the deployment of the Anji system, apart from being positioned to reward people it’s also positioned to fuel works of charity in the blockchain industry.

Besides being used as a mode of facilitating transactions within the network, ANJI tokens also hold value outside their ecosystem and can be exchanged with other cryptocurrency pairs including  ADA and BNB to earn profit for the token holders.


What Is the Unique Point of Anji (ANJI)?

The Anji platform has several specific qualities that differentiate it from most of the other blockchain platforms available. For starters, the system operated by the Anji network essentially consists of a collection of independent entities. These entities include

     The Community:

At its foundational level, the Anji network was created to ensure a thriving community of token holders, investors as well as special benefits for early adopters of its DeFi technology.

     Decentralized Future:

The Anji system consists of several dedicated technology systems that operate on decentralized protocols to ensure that each holder of the token is given certain privileges.

     Reward system:

The main goal of creating the Anji network was to provide an avenue where participants are open to earning just by the virtue of them holding ANJI tokens. These rewards are in percentages and start at 3% for automatic liquidity as this process minimizes volatility on the platform while also helping the network grow. Participants can also earn 3% when they swap their tokens for BNB or vice versa, as the addition can also be reinvested back into the network at reduced fees.

The Anji network also offers a charity pool where participants can inject their tokens to further aid the growth of the network. However, the participants also earn 2% when there is a swap in this pool.


How many Anji (ANJI) coins are in circulation?

The Anji ecosystem has its own exchange called the AnjiSwap interface which serves the same purposes as regular exchanges. Additionally, the system can be integrated into the website of other projects and can also be connected to MetaMask and some other third-party platforms. Being a charity-based platform, the system offers its participants with token trading fees of 0.2%.

Upon the launch of the Anji network, a total of 10,000,000,000 tokens were released. Currently, its circulating supply is unknown but the system has a ranking of #4687 on CoinMarketCap.


Is the Anji (ANJI) Network secured?

Unlike many of the available cryptocurrencies tied to an already established blockchain network such as the Ethereum network, the Anji network is a self-sufficient platform. As such the network does not rely on external parties for its security as its security protocols are within its network.

Additionally, the participants also provide protection as is expected of a decentralized ecosystem and prevent the execution of malicious activities on the network.


How do I buy Anji (ANJI)?

While the ANJI token is available on its own exchanges, as most of the other top cryptocurrencies in its rank, the tokens are also available across several other platforms. Due to the reward initiative system offered by the network, many people have grown to adopt its tokens.  These tokens can easily be purchased by the following steps.

  Interested parties are required to create an account with the crypto trading platform.

Then, they are required to transfer a specific amount of fiat money to the crypto account

After they will have to wait till the transaction has been approved, they can now buy their ANJI tokens.


Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Anji (ANJI)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Anji (ANJI). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their Anji wallet because it offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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