What is Alien Worlds (TLM)?

The Alien Worlds platform is a decentralized non-fungible token-based system where players go up again each other to discover scarce resources, with the most valuable of them being Trillium (TLM). The entire process takes place in a simulated world within several interplanetary worlds. The Alien World platform has transcended being more than just a game to having a DeFi element, allowing players to advance majorly by staking the TLM resources discovered within the universe.

In general, the crypto world has seen an impressive rise in the use and value of play-to-earn NFT games this year. The Alien World platform allows its players, also known as explorers in the game, to earn rewards of value through their gameplay or all-around partaking in Planet DAOs. When a user mines in Alien Worlds, the player is given an in-game native token as a reward known as Trillium or NFT packs. Players in the game are allowed to stake TLM tokens to increase their rewards, as well as battle with other platform users for NFTs.

After the platform was established, it released a substantial amount of its road map by having its dedicated token available on the finance launchpad and the TLM farming period on Binance Launchpool. According to its roadmap, the system has also made sure a major portion of game development protocols has also been forced. From the present on, the Alien world platform has started its plan on the automation of the claiming procedure being used on the platform for daily allocations to landowners. Additionally, the platform also has plans to release artifact NFTs and in the further future, interoperability of these NFTs.

Who are the Founders of Alien Worlds (TLM)?

 The Alien World game is a product of Dacoco GmbH, a group of developers who are responsible for the creation and deployment of three projects and counting. The game was officially created in 2020.

Dacoco has its base in Zug, Switzerland, a place that is regarded as the ‘crypto valley’ because of the large number of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology-based companies located in the same region. According to the company, it claims to be a decentralized community of anonymous experts who have come together to form an organization and are also guild validators on WAX.

What is Alien Worlds (TLM) used for?

 The Alien Worlds platform is essentially a metaverse platform that is beyond the regular process of gaming. While regular games have rewards to be won within the game and can only be used there, the Alien World offers a limitless array of resources that can be used both within and outside the game. These resources are mostly in the form of its dedicated token TLM, however, the system also has a series of other resources such as NFTs, which this year has proven to be one of the biggest extensions of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

All of these rewards are useful to be exchanged both within and outside the Alien World platform. While players can use them to gain access to better tools inside the game, these same individuals can also exchange the tokens for other pairs and earn money.

 What Is the Unique Point of Alien Worlds (TLM)?

 The Alien Worlds platform is packed with several unique qualities, one of which is its major strong point as a gaming metaverse that features a variety of DAOs. As such, this gives all the platform users who hold TLM tokens a say in deciding how the platform is run and offer staking, voting, and even possible leadership rights to the participant. In its staking protocol, players are allowed to stake their TLM tokens to planet DAOs, a process essentially aimed at them showing their alliance to the planet and in turn, they get to earn an increased amount of TLM rewards daily. According to the amount of TLM tokens staked, so also is the extent to which the holder has the right to a say in the platform’s future.

The platform also has some leadership possibilities for the players, however, reaching this point is not exactly a peachy ride as the interested participants are allowed to run for candidacy on more than one planet. Additionally, each of the planets can also elect and be managed by more than one councilor, provided they share multi-sig supervision over each of the Plants’ DAO accounts.

An additional unique characteristic of the Alien World platform is that it operates a free-to-play system that bypasses several barriers imposed by high costs of transactions which are most common with many of the traditional platforms offering a similar service.

How many Alien Worlds (TLM) coins are in circulation?

 In September 2021, the Alien Worlds platform was announced to have its total token supply pegged at 10,000,000,000, and of this amount, the system had a circulating supply of 5,135,726,585.

When the token was newly created, it underwent an allocation process and this released 13.75% of the supply to seed sale, 6.69% to the presale, 2.92% to the Binance launchpad; 3.5% to external protocol development; 9.24% was assigned to marketing expenses; 5.35% to the advisors of the project, 13.14% to the Alien Worlds foundation 3.89% to the governance, 14.6% to the founding team; 5.84% for the provision of liquidity; 3.89% for its governance; ecosystem grants at 14.24%; 3.41% as staking rewards; participation rewards at 2.72% and a final 0.78% for security audits.

Is the Alien Worlds (TLM)  Network secured?

 The Alien Worlds platform was deployed on three blockchains and currently, the platform is being run on all there where its native token TLM is of use. These blockchains are Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and WAX.

Each of the blockchain platforms where the Alien Worlds platform was deployed facilitates its smooth operation. For starters, the Binance system provides staking functionality which allows BEP-20 TLM holders to run missions. The WAX platform on the other hand provides a free layer of transactions for most of the major gaming logic.

The NFT image data provided by the gaming platform is kept on its peer-to-peer InterPlanetary File System, thus allowing the data in the system to remain decentralized. It also provides a link bridge that allows external applications to stay connected to its on-chain functionality and allows for the smooth operation of the game itself.

How do I buy Alien Worlds (TLM)?

 The Alien Worlds platform has a major upside to most of the other available cryptocurrencies. This advantage lies in it being more than just a regular cryptocurrency platform, the system also has a gaming function which is its major use case, with the cryptocurrency functionality being an additional layer. As such, several people are attracted to this gaming quality and by extension get into the blockchain space. The dedicated token of the platform can also be purchased on several exchanges such as PancakeSwap (V2), Gate.io, and Lbank.

 Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Supports Alien Worlds (TLM)?

The PTPWallet platform supports many cryptocurrencies simultaneously such as Trillium (TLM). Because of its vast use case, it has grown to become one of the most used platforms as it serves as an exchange and an engine to discover other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can easily use PTPWallet as their Trillium (TLM) wallet because it offers a simple and interactive interface making it easy for people to navigate its system.


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