This Is How You Can Make Money In PTPWallet

Indeed, Core State Holdings, Corp. created PTPWallet not only to store and send/receive crypto but also to give users the opportunity to earn money from their wallets. You may say, “do we need to sign a referral agreement?”. The answer is a big NO. PTPWallet created an automatic referral program that allows you to earn from the transaction fees that we receive from the users you bring to the wallet. In other words, you do not need to sign anything; just download PTPWallet and register. It is not even required to pass the KYC. You only need to remember your referral code, which you get immediately after registering your wallet.


What do I need to do to earn money?

Just distribute your referral code. It’s literally that easy. If a person were to enter your referral code, not only do you make transaction fee commission from their transactions, but you also receive a bonus in PCT – and they receive a bonus in PCT.

As a rule, people who decide to earn and receive constant income on referral programs know how to use marketing to attract users. However, not everyone reading this article has experience in marketing.

We will give you a couple of ideas on how it works. Use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, and others. In all social networks, there are groups created on the topic of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and other blockchain-related topics. Of course, depending on the group rules, if you write short messages attracting people to the PTPWallet platform with your referral code, sooner or later you will have people using your coin. Obviously, we ask everyone to not spam groups. With time, you may see a huge audience who will want to use PTPWallet, and this will give you the opportunity to receive transaction fee commissions from the users. Social networks are just an example, and you can also do this via messenger, classifieds, or media sites.

What can I earn and how does the referral program work?

The Referral Program works as follows. There is a free version of the referral program, and there is a paid referral program tied to Drain the Bank. All two programs are linked to the same referral code. In the platform, we have a thing called GEM. Think of GEMs as a key to enter the Drain the Bank game.

If your referral code is used, the PTPWallet network will automatically allocate 20% of the transaction fee revenue, from your referral(s), to your account. This is for 30 days. After these 30 days, if a GEM is not purchased within the Drain the Bank module, you will not be able to receive your fee revenue from your network and you will lose your list of referrals. But, if you acquired a GEM, your referral code goes to the paid program; you automatically receive 40% from the transaction fee revenue for 30 days, and then 10% every 30 days for every additional GEM purchased. This gives you the opportunity to accumulate customers during any period and thus increase your income. Remember that each GEM gives you the right to receive a commission within a month, and it prolongs your active list of referrals. If you buy 12 GEMS, you will receive a commission, without interruption, for a year. Thus, you can earn decent money through a paid program. Just imagine if you get a store or e-commerce platform signed up on PTPWallet and they use your referral code.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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