New Era in DeFi and NFT as Predator Token Finally Launches on PancakeSwap

The second phase of the Predator Token project has just begun with a PancakeSwap listing as pundits applaud Predator’s formidable tokenomics. 


Predator, touted as a meme token to kill all other meme tokens, is set with an ultimate goal of hitting a market cap of $1Billion. The token project is built on the increasingly famous Binance Smart Chain and is said to focus on the extreme sports sector. 


Over the first few months of its existence, BSC’s rise to prominence in the blockchain space has been similar to the hockey stick rise of top meme coins such as Doge coins and Shiba Inu.


Binance smart Chain’s cheaper transactional costs not to mention support for smart contracts has been the main selling point for decentralized application (dApp) developers looking for an Ethereum alternative. 


The BSC network has seen such an uptake such that its most popular decentralized exchange (PancakeSwap) has occasionally surpassed the trading volume of Uniswap (Ethereum’s giant AMM-DeX).


Predator now joins the ranks of these emerging DeFi superstars as the platform’s developers call it a true predator of the crypto world as it is created to conquer and overtake all its nemesis.


Predator’s Tokenomics

Speaking of rivalry, the meme-coin sector has often seen tokens that launch with 100s of billions of tokens if not trillions as is the case with Shiba Inu. Predator, however, is taking on a different approach with a token supply of only 1 billion tokens. Out of the 1 billion Predator tokens, 4% will be sacrificed to the “pack” in the form of BUSD rewards. The term “pack” refers to a world pack which is the name used to refer to the project’s community. 


Another 2% will go to marketing and platform growth, not to mention a 3% liquidity pool and 2% to a buyback wallet. The idea behind Predator’s tokenomics is to disarm market manipulation by whales while maintaining deflationary supply mechanisms for the token. 


Also, 1 percent of the supply will be burned, and another 1% will go to charity.


What makes Predator unique from other meme-coins?


Predator plans to offer DeFi enthusiasts access to a thriving ecosystem of lucrative liquidity and staking rewards. The developers of the project have taken measures to prevent scalping as is common with most newly launched DeFi projects. 


According to reports, the platform’s liquidity will be immediately locked after token launch, thus preventing any incidences of a rug-pull. 


Predator is also building an NFT marketplace that will allow users to own rare collectibles in the world of sports. According to the Predator Token website, the release of their NFTs will be conducted periodically with the first bout being available on popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible. 


According to the project’s developers, the revenue generated from the sale of its first bout of NFTs will be re-invested into the project in terms of marketing and platform growth.


A New Era in the DeFi and NFT sector

Predator represents a new beginning in the world of cryptocurrencies as DeFi platforms continually merge the functionality of NFTs into their ecosystem. In addition to creating new NFTs, Predator will also bring about an NFT ticketing system that will allow platform users to buy tickets for popular sports events.



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