Expand the reach of your business with cryptocurrencies

Understanding how cryptocurrencies, in particular, and the crypto world in general work can become very complicated for the vast majority of people. And if they are responsible for a business, it is a pity that they do not manage to take advantage of all the potential of the crypto world.

Every day new developments and tools are known, so merchants can adopt cryptocurrencies as another payment option to offer their customers.

This is the case with the integration of Wallet as a Service (WaaS), a service whose primary virtue is to simplify access to the menu of cryptographic products and services for companies and businesses.

What is the WaaS concept?

Through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in applications and platforms, it is the integration of customizable options that the wallet infrastructure has to offer to organizations and institutions that want to broaden their business horizons and customer base. In addition, of course, to enrich the experience of their current customers.

Among the possibilities offered by the implementation of WaaS is an option to create cryptocurrency wallets and store, send and receive cryptocurrencies. Another is to access loans and benefits with crypto collateral, staking, renting, and savings accounts. The best thing about being able to do all this is that you will not have to use an external site but will do it from your own platform.

From the operational point of view, the integration of WaaS generates an acceleration of the adoption of cryptocurrencies since by partnering with a provider that already has the software developed, there is no need to waste time in the previous phase of creation.

On the other hand, legal issues are already covered by the developer, leaving in the hands of the merchant everything related to the current regulations in their region related to cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the APIs, companies, and businesses can offer their customers all the possibilities of access to services with cryptocurrencies. That way,  they will integrate them with their applications and website. This is a brilliant move so that the customer does not have to be redirected to a third-party site, which the company will not control. Thanks to this, the link with the brand will not be diluted.

Many companies are offering WaaS services. Still, we can mention PTPWallet as one of the ones that currently stands out the most, thanks to the range of additional services that enrich the user experience.

PTPWallet supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies, either for storage or sending, or receiving.

For example, PTPWallet is suitable for all types of B2B and B2C transactions so that you can cover the entire market, building loyalty with new customers.

There is a tool within PTPWallet called iTransfer, which makes it even easier for the user to send crypto via SMS, email, or any messaging service.

But we should not think of this type of product only for a sector of the industry and commerce but also as an exciting option for traditional banks to incorporate and offer to their customers to expand their portfolio of products and services.


In short, the integration of WaaS developed by third parties is a wise decision that will accelerate the mass adoption of the advantages that the crypto world offers, opening a window to a whole new world of business opportunities.


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