Businesses and Individuals Can Now Participate in the Token Economy: Tokel‘s Mission

The concept of tokenization is not a new creation. Back in the empire state history, the British Empire used token when there was a shortage of fiat money. Today, the concept is adopted by blockchain technology while conducting trade in an easy and fast process.

Despite the liquidity that comes with tokenization, the token creation process takes a lot of time and is expensive to maintain. At times, you may need the expertise of experienced developers. To eliminate this disadvantage, Tokel decided to help businesses and individuals participate in the token economy.

Tokel is building a tokenization platform where any business or individual can leverage to transact or own tokens in their daily life. This helps companies and individuals to issue a part of their businesses to customers while providing additional security and immunity against data alteration.

The tokenization concept comes with many benefits, but businesses don’t have the resources to build personal blockchain networks to create tokens. As a result of understanding this problem, Tokel is developing a solution with its platform.

Bringing Token to Doorsteps

Tokel is a community project. They are creating a platform that gives businesses and individuals token creation access. Likewise, they grant you access to NFT creation features that you can use in your daily life. The platform is built as an open-source platform. Meanwhile, it is also dedicated as a token and non-fungible token platform.

Tokel’s mission is to replace the expensive process of NFT and token creation. They are creating a platform that allows businesses and individuals to create tokens and NFTs at a low cost via an easy process. This made them partner with the Komodo Platform. As a result, they are leveraging the confluence of Komodo Technologies and their aesthetic features that are newly built.

Tokel’s team mentioned that,

“Tokel truly opens the door for every single person to access tokens and NFTs in an inexpensive, decentralized fashion. Whether you are a creator, collector, trader, project, business, developer, or a token user, you can utilize and benefit from the technology and features that the Tokel platform has to offer.”

This explains that everyone can partake in the token economy. Tokel is leveraging Komodo’s existing technologies to prevent the network from more than half of attacks via the dPOW system.

Collaborating with Komodo helps Tokel deploy token technologies to create encrypted token solutions for individuals from different spheres like the creative sector, business industry, or project teams. Users leverage these technologies to narrow down their token creation and management processes. While doing this, they have access to token explorer, and their wallets are integrated.

Hence, users can go ahead to buy, sell or send their tokens to individuals (or businesses) via TokenDEX and NFT marketplace. The team mentioned that any new tokens created while having a supply of one is qualified for listing.

Tokel Creates Opportunity

Tokel team took a critical step by conducting an initial DEX offering (IDO). The team believes this will help the continued funding, and $TKL coin price determination would be possible. The IDO was executed on AtomicDEX, the decentralized exchange platform for Komodo.

A week after that the IDO launch date, the team conducted another eight million airdrop. This made Komodo users participate in the airdrop by holding their wallet funds presented with their private key access.

As part of the onward movement, Tokel is looking forward to opening its NFT marketplace for artists and users to transact NFTs. They are leveraging a platform where creators can sell their tokens immediately without using an expensive listing service. Another part of their plans is to build a simple-to-use token creation page with a discord game for businesses and individuals.

With Tokel’s new development, every business owner and individual can become a member of the token economy.


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