What is Push Protocol (PUSH)?

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The blockchain space is growing extremely rapidly, and the exponential growth is projected to continue rapidly in terms of users, services and revenue. Push Protocol is a decentralized communication protocol for Web3. Using dApps, smart contracts, backends or protocols can send communication (starting with on-chain / off-chain / gasless notifs) tied to user wallet addresses […]

Cryptocurrency market: what to consider before trading Altcoins in April


While the cryptocurrency market offers numerous digital assets that could be profitable investments for long-term holding, it may be wise to temporarily abstain from trading specific cryptocurrencies. Based on past performance and historical data, there are some altcoins that traders might want to steer clear of in April.  One reason for this is the poor […]

The crypto industry’s response to traditional bank bailouts: A supportive ally?

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In the beginning, the enthusiasm for crypto was based on the idea of cutting out the rigged banking system and allowing people to exchange goods and funds freely. However, as digital assets become more involved with the financial market, this idea has lost some of its significance. Despite recent bailouts of failed institutions such as […]

What is GroupDAO (GDO)?

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GroupDAO is a decentralized social platform for Web 3.0 community autonomous DAO. As all members have access to the organization’s actions, finances, and decision-making processes, GroupDAO seeks to provide better transparency than traditional enterprises. It facilitates anonymous activities and offers low entrance barriers and easy worldwide access, making it accessible to anyone anywhere globally. $GDO […]

Market Forces and the Impact on XRP Price: Anticipation for the Arbitrum Airdrop


Ripple’s SEC Case Outcome Speculation: XRP Price Growth The price of Ripple’s XRP has surged unexpectedly, reaching $0.49 per coin – its highest level since November 2022. This growth is attributed to an increased possibility of resolving the SEC lawsuit against Ripple, which was indirectly indicated by a third-party case involving the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency […]

What is Dexo (DEXO)?

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Dexo is a new-age intermediate blockchain ecosystem that uses C-DEX – a unique decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that has the potential to revolutionize how crypto traders and investors interact with decentralized exchange (DEX), to fill the gap between the centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency worlds. It is the world’s first decentralized protocol that offers the pros of […]

Bitcoin’s Accelerated Growth Propels it to a New High: What’s the Next Move?

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Bitcoin had an exceptional week of price performance, with a 35.8% increase, which is among the best in history. Only 124 trading days have witnessed a larger 7-day upswing, and since 2015, only 16 days have experienced a similar trend. This is typically seen in bull markets, often during the later stages. This surge in […]

What is Algorand (ALGO)?

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Algorand is an institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure and the first to achieve decentralization, scalability, and security without compromises while being environmentally sustainable. Algorand powers the Future of Finance (FutureFi), converging traditional and decentralized models into an inclusive, frictionless, and secure unified system.  Algorand works efficiently and securely even in a permissionless environment, where, arbitrarily, many users […]

What is ONBUFF (ONIT)?

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Nowadays, some people have expressed dissatisfaction with traditional game pricing as creators, publishers, and developers look for ways to profit by adding premium editions and upgrades. Blockchain gaming offers a remedy for this. In-game tokens, or NFTs, are provided as a representation of value, which can benefit the creators and developers more efficiently. Not all […]

White Label Payment Gateway

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As a business owner or investor, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest developments, including in the financial industry. The traditional methods of managing money inflows and outflows are no longer relevant. White-label Gateway has revolutionized financial operations by providing an effective money gateway for businesses. The White Label Payment Gateway is a modern, […]

OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4 Making Waves in the Cryptocurrency Community

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GPT-4 Model from OpenAI is Now Available for Use On March 14th, OpenAI launched the latest GPT-4 model of their artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which has garnered significant attention due to its upgrades from the previous versions of their chatbot, ChatGPT. As a result, there was a surge in AI token prices. According to OpenAI’s […]

What is Vectorspace (VXV)?

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Vectorspace AI is a blockchain-based machine learning cryptocurrency that addresses software development. It is a data-driven crypto project largely focused on space bioscience. It is a platform that provides on-demand NLU/NLP (natural language understanding/processing) and high-value correlation matrix data sets to research groups in space biosciences, as well as data vendors, funds, and institutions to […]

Blockchain Industry Developments, News and Price Trends


May Timeline for ETH Staking Withdrawal According to Lido Finance, the biggest Ethereum liquid staking platform, the withdrawal of Ethereum funds (stETH) from Lido will likely be postponed until May. This delay is due to ongoing verifications of Lido V2 codes, which the platform aims to complete before focusing on withdrawals. Although Ethereum developers are […]

Correcting or Growing: Evaluating Bitcoin’s Recent Performance

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Over the past few days, Bitcoin experienced a surge in value, but this was followed by a minor decline. Yesterday, Bitcoin’s price momentarily exceeded $26,300 before correcting to $24,700. The growth in Bitcoin’s value was reportedly driven by inflation data in the United States, which was recorded at 6%. However, this correction in Bitcoin’s price […]

What is apM coin (APM)?

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According to Fortune Business Insights published in December 2019, the global loyalty market size, evaluated at USD 2,133.2 million in 2018, is expected to increase to USD 7,126.8 million by 2026, presenting a CAGR of 16.84% from 2019 to 2026. As reported by Statistics Korea in 2016 that Korea’s apparel wholesale market’s total sales exceeded […]

What is Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI)?

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The NFT ecosystem is witnessing a Cambrian explosion in innovation and creativity, with avatar-centric communities launching at a scale and speed we never thought possible. New intellectual property is being created from the bottom up without the involvement of major corporate studios or large budgets.  Creators and communities will soon demand to do more with […]

American banks’ circumstances reignite demand for Bitcoin

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Bitcoin surpassed the significant threshold of $22,000 on Monday and its value climbed to a little over $24,300 on Tuesday, March 14th. This rise follows the announcement of the rescue of depositors at Silicon Valley Bank, which has contributed to Bitcoin’s upward momentum. Despite earlier predictions of a decline and a test of the $19,500 […]

What is ZK Cross Chain Bridge (ZKB)?

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ZK Cross Chain Bridge, ZKB, is made up of the ZK Bridge protocol and the Cross Chain interoperability solutions. A combination designed to create both a time and cost-efficient ecosystem for digital transactions between blockchains and external systems, APIs, and even other blockchains. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, blockchains have grown into a vast ecosystem […]

Thiel’s Founders Fund Withdraws Millions of Dollars from Silicon Valley Bank

Peter Thiel

As of Thursday morning, March 9, a person familiar with the situation reported that the Peter Thiel Founders Fund had no funds left in Silicon Valley Bank due to the bank’s volatile condition. The source also said that the Founders Fund withdrew millions from SVB and, following other venture capital funds, restricted access to the […]