What is UnityMeta (UMT)?

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UnityMeta is an open-source and decentralized metaverse cryptocurrency token based on the Binance  BEP 20 blockchain. It is one of the newest, most trusted, and most useful Binance Smart Chain (BSC) DeFi tokens.  This metaverse token is supported by a large Ecosystem that includes Launchpad, Swap Exchange, DeFi Ecosystem, NFT Marketplace, Gamefi, Exchange, and many […]

What is Jizz Rocket (JIZZ)?

Jizz Rocket crypto token

According to the founder, the idea for JIZZ was born during a conversation, on a winter’s night, with a close friend as they discussed the woes of the industry. How funny would it be if JIZZ became the bear market anomaly, defied all odds and hit billions of market cap? Pretty hilarious if you ask. […]

Bitcoin’s March Rate and the Impact of Significant Market Events

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On March 9th, the market is experiencing a downturn with both Bitcoin and other altcoins, such as Ethereum, seeing a decline. However, despite a strong start to the year and a continuous rally in the first 45 days, Bitcoin has become increasingly volatile in recent weeks due to the SEC’s crackdown on crypto companies and […]

What is Woofwork.io (WOOF)?

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1.57 billion people in the global workforce are freelancers worldwide. (Out of a total global workforce of 3.38 billion.) The total freelance platform market is estimated to be worth $3.39 billion. 65% of freelancers make more money than they would in regular employment. Instead of committing to one organization, freelancers typically make money by executing […]

To Combat Bitcoin Profit-Taking, BTC May Require a Temporary Drop

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Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in the world, faced selling pressure last week. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell spoke to Congress on March 7th, mentioning a likely increase in monetary policy tightening. Powell noted that the overall market segments show minimal indications of disinflation, with the exception of the housing construction industry. He stated that there […]

What is Etherparty (FUEL)?

Etherparty crypto token

The platform’s founders believed the demand for smart contracts might continue to grow with increased automated peer or group interactions becoming more prevalent. To fulfill this demand, Etherparty plans to provide a platform and value-added services that will enable anyone to use smart contracts and blockchain technology without requiring a deep understanding.  It operates on […]

What is FalconSwap (FSW)?

FalconSwap crypto token

Falcon swap is a layer-2 scaling solution built on Uniswap and further extendable to aggregate other DeFi platforms like Mooniswap, Kyber, Balancer, Airswap, Bancor, etc. It solves the gas and slippage issue by aggregating orders before sending them to underlying liquidity pools. FalconSwap started with a mission to reduce gas fees for trading by a […]

The Intersection of Ordinals Project and NFTs on the Bitcoin Blockchain

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The popularity of the Ordinals project is growing rapidly, causing debates within the community about the feasibility and potential of NFTs within the first cryptocurrency network. Bitcoin enthusiasts argue that the purpose of digital gold was not to incorporate images onto the blockchain, while others believe that this new opportunity could benefit the ecosystem and […]

What is Veritaseum (VERI)?

Veritaseum crypto token

Veritaseum is a blockchain-based financial technology platform that delivers worldwide access to the peer-to-peer software capital market. It is an architecture-based platform that enables software-driven one-on-one capital markets free of third-party handlers such as banks, brokerages, and exchanges. The idea is that anyone with Internet access should be able to participate in capital markets via […]

Dogecoin Price Prediction

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Dogecoin (DOGE)  cryptocurrency serves as a prime example of how strong community support can propel a digital currency to unprecedented success. Originally created as an Internet meme, Dogecoin’s value skyrocketed to an $88 billion market capitalization, illustrating the power of a simple joke. While the article may touch upon investing, it is important to note […]

What is Ally Direct Token (DRCT)?

Ally Direct Token crypto token

Ally is a blockchain-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that directly links businesses, service providers (delivery drivers), and customers. It is an enterprise-level platform that facilitates perfect transactions where merchants receive all trade revenue without paying any intermediary fees. Ally enables businesses and service providers to take full control of their operations and customer relationships with software […]

Ethereum Price Prediction

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Ethereum (ETH) is one of the most well-known blockchains even outside of the crypto community. Ethereum is not only a very innovative technology, but it is also a great investment. It is less likely to crash and burn than small cryptocurrencies, but it still has the ability to boost up and earn investors huge profits. […]

What is Electrify.Asia (ELEC)?

Electrify Asia crypto token

Launched in 2017, they are Singapore’s first retail electricity marketplace, Electrify.asia, recognizing that the multitude of choices offered by private retailers could be daunting for prospective consumers. Electrify.asia is an Electricity Marketplace designed for the deregulation of Asia’s energy market to provide residential, commercial and industrial consumers the convenience and freedom to select the most […]

Bitcoin Price Prediction 

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Bitcoin (BTC) has been able to show the potential for a rising trend since the beginning of 2023, but can BTC rise over the long run? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has enhanced its significance, being referred to as a digital gold with no limits of logistics or national boundaries. The technology revolution has provided […]