Brazil’s Carbon Neutral Bitcoin ETFs Follows a Growing Trend of Green Crypto Funds

Brazil cryptocurrency

According to a forecast by Anthony Scaramucci who is the founder of Skybridge (a global investment firm) the Bitcoin mining industry “will be fully renewable by the end of the decade.” This comes at a time when Hashdex, a crypto-focused investment firm based in Brazil, has pledged to make its new Bitcoin (BITH11) ETF “carbon […]

NFT 101: How to Determine NFT Value

NFT 101

The disruptive nature of cryptocurrency technology results in continuous efforts to create similar projects or those slightly different from the original one while employing the same model. Meanwhile, there is always a significant development in the crypto space that receives enormous publicity. One of those significant developments is the creation of non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens […]

Robinhood Joins PayPal to increase its crypto offerings

Robinhood Joins PayPal

The revolutionary capabilities of decentralized finance through cryptocurrencies are undeniable even for centralized, traditional finance applications such as Robin Hood and PayPal.  In fact, 17% of Robinhood’s revenue in the first quarter of 2021 was on the backdrop of a crypto trading trend, with reports showing a staggering 34% of RobinHood’s revenue being in crypto, […]

Bitcoin May Possibly Hit $60K Instead of $20k: Bloomberg’s Senior Strategist Posits

$60K Rise for Bitcoin

A senior strategist at Bloomberg, McGlone, believes that Bitcoin may retrace its bullish run after presenting a chart analysis. The shared chart compared the current Bitcoin market position with a similar market event that had occurred during the 2018/2019 trading period. Based on his previous bullish call, he is convinced that Bitcoin’s price may spike […]

New Era in DeFi and NFT as Predator Token Finally Launches on PancakeSwap

New Era in DeFi and NFT as Predator Token Finally Launches on PancakeSwap

The second phase of the Predator Token project has just begun with a PancakeSwap listing as pundits applaud Predator’s formidable tokenomics.  Predator, touted as a meme token to kill all other meme tokens, is set with an ultimate goal of hitting a market cap of $1Billion. The token project is built on the increasingly famous […]

The Wolf of Wall Street Interview: Jordan Belfort Input on Tether (USDT)

The Wolf of Wall Street

The recent interview of Jordan Belfort, a bitcoin bull nicknamed the Wolf of Wall Street, with Coindesk sparked discussion across Tether being a scam, the benefits of emerging DeFi, NFTs, other stablecoins, and the possible regulatory activities that may happen in the crypto world.   Is Tether (USDT) Really a Scam? Tether as a scam […]

Bitcoin OTC desks buzz as analyst warns big players ‘want your Bitcoin’

Bitcoin OTC desks buzz

Markets for digital currencies have started gaining ground again, surpassing the lows we have seen so far in the last couple of weeks. “Some wealthy people with very high net worth [and] institutions want your bitcoin (BTC),” said the 21st Paradigm co-founder earlier this week, as many cryptocurrency traders discussed over-the-counter (OTC) desks bursting at […]

Bitcoin Price Spikes After Amazon Rumors Surfaced

Bitcoin Price Spikes After Amazon Rumors Surfaced

The price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin jumped by more than 15% in a day less than two weeks ago after rumors that Amazon, the e-commerce giant, was looking into integrating the currency as a payment option for its customers. It all began on July 23 when a job listing by the company looking for […]