PTPWallet: Leading the Future of Asset Tokenization

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In the evolving landscape of digital finance, PTPWallet emerges as a pioneering platform for asset tokenization. Tokenization, the process of converting assets into digital tokens on a blockchain, is revolutionizing how we perceive and manage value. PTPWallet excels in this domain, offering a comprehensive suite of tokenization services that cater to a diverse array of […]

Top 7 Best Asset Tokenization Platforms in 2024

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The world of finance and technology has geared its attention towards the multiple possibilities of the blockchain. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, the blockchain has emerged as a tool for developing groundbreaking possibilities, which include real-world asset tokenization. Companies can now tokenize any asset of their choice, including royalties, art, intellectual properties, or even real estate.  […]

The Crypto Investor’s Guide to Tokenized Real-World Assets

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Understanding tokenization is essential not just in the cryptosphere but in the world of finance in general. The principle and history of the real-world asset (RWA) tokenization can be traced back to 2017, although the world has yet to catch up with the many features of the blockchain — one company did.  The infamous BlackRock […]

Why Your Business Needs a White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Solution

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As crypto adoption increases, cryptocurrency pioneers and developers are rapidly looking for ways to simplify the use and operation of cryptocurrency-associated technology. This has led to the development of white label crypto solutions, an efficient and user-friendly alternative to open-source options. The widespread use of white-label crypto solutions has opened a gateway of opportunities for […]

Asset Tokenization with PTPWallet

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Asset tokenization means the creation and securing of ownership rights to traditional assets on the blockchain, from gold and oil to real estate and art. Today, many entrepreneurs in the world of cryptocurrency and finance are working to take advantage of digital assets in a new subfield called asset tokenization. Asset tokenization can not only […]

Exploring Memecoins (2024)

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Memecoins have re-emerged with the bull market, making life-changing money for investors. They are dominating the crypto markets in terms of volume and liquidity, increasing in price at an explosive rate.  The idea behind memecoins has always been the community, coupled with the creative and funny memes put together by the creators or artists.  Memecoins […]

Everything You Need to Know About Asset Tokenization 2024

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The unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies has opened an opportunity for investors looking to harness the numerous opportunities of the blockchain. Cryptocurrency, though the blockchain has merged many industries, allows for the production of traditional assets with real-world use. The development of these assets is called asset tokenization. Upon initial glance, tokenization refers to recording asset […]

Tokenization of carbon credits

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Article Overview What are carbon credits? What is tokenization? What is carbon credit tokenization? Differences between carbon tokens and cryptocurrencies Benefits of carbon credit tokenization Different models of carbon credit tokenization Which utility do carbon credits provide? How is carbon credit tokenized? Create carbon credit tokens with PTPShopy As climate activists raise more awareness, the […]

Stablecoins: what are they?

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Cryptocurrency quotes tend to show extremely high volatility. However, some types of cryptocurrencies – stablecoins – have a relatively stable exchange rate due to a different operating principle. We tell you how stablecoins work, what types they come in, and why investors use them.  What is a stablecoin and what are its principles of operation? […]

Understanding Fundraising: ICOs, STOs, and IPOs

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Fundraising is central for startups, whether they’re moving into the world of cryptocurrencies or sticking to traditional markets. But what exactly are ICOs, STOs, and IPOs, and how do they vary? Back in the day, fundraising meant events and face-to-face interactions, mainly for charitable grounds. Cryptocurrency has ushered in a new era of global communication […]

Spot Bitcoin ETFs: What You Need to Know

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In recent years, the discussion around spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) has been heating up, particularly in the crypto community. ETFs, are investment funds that are traded on stock exchanges. They typically hold assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds and allow investors to buy shares representing ownership in these assets. A spot Bitcoin […]

9 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways for International Business

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Choosing the right crypto payment platform for your business is important. The right payment gateway can help increase sales and expand your customer base. Hence, we have had many kinds of crypto gateways created to cater for the specific needs of businesses. This article highlights the top 9 best cryptocurrency payment gateways for international business […]

Crypto Payment Gateways: Unlocking the Future of Transactions!

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Cryptocurrency payment gateways, like those provided by PTPShopy, are revolutionizing the way businesses accept payments. Crypto payment gateway is a tool that allows your business to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, ensuring smooth transactions for both you and your customers. With each purchase, a unique code is generated, enabling buyers to send their chosen cryptocurrency […]

The head of CryptoQuant predicted the growth of bitcoin rate to $112 thousand.

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Kee Young Ju, the head of CryptoQuant, states that the worst scenario for Bitcoin this year is to reach $55,000 and stop there. In the best scenario, the price will reach $112,000. Bitcoin price may reach $112,000 by the end of 2024, if the current trend of inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on Bitcoin will […]

What is a Hardware Wallet and how does it work?

In today’s digital age, security is a top concern when it comes to storing and managing any type of assets, including cryptocurrencies. With the rise of cyber attacks and hacking incidents, it’s important for cryptocurrency holders to take precautions in order to keep their coins safe using hardware wallets. One option that has gained popularity in […]

The Cryptocurrency Market Is Experiencing Volatility

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Cryptocurrency market kicked off the week with a burst of volatility, impacting major players like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Solana (SOL). As the trading day unfolded, red dominated the charts, leading to fluctuations that caught the attention of investors. Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster Ride Bitcoin took a hit, experiencing a 5% drop within a 24-hour period, […]

Anticipating an Early 2024 Bull Run: Bitcoin Analyst’s Insight

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Navigating Bitcoin’s Current Landscape Bitcoin, is currently trading near the $43,700 mark, showcasing a 15.25% gain for holders this week. A closer look at the weekly Bitcoin price chart has led analysts to predict an upcoming bull run, citing significant market indicators. Indicators of an Impending  Bull Market Milne emphasizes that the ongoing BTC bear […]

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rise Adds Positivity to NFT Markets

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In recent weeks, the surging values of Bitcoin and Ethereum have triggered a substantial resurgence in various NFT markets. Notably, Ethereum and Solana have emerged as hotbeds of activity, with collections experiencing significant upticks in both value and investor interest. Ethereum NFT Collections Experience Robust Growth The Ethereum-based Pudgy Penguins collection has become a focal […]

Bitcoin Rallies Above $41k as Fundamentals Strengthens

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Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has once again made headlines by breaking past $41k, a mark it hasn’t seen since April 2022 (before the Terra crisis). The driving force behind this momentum is the recent series of interest rate cuts made by central banks worldwide. Indicator  Daily Chart of BTC/USDT  Source: Trading […]