What is Hamster (HAM)?

Hamster crypto token

The Hamster token is a decentralized platform that provides an avenue for its users to earn passive income. The token was attached as a part of the broad cryptocurrency ecosystem to be applied in different parts of the industry including the security of online transactions, while also integrating the use of an online ledger system […]

What is Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

Ethereum Name Service crypto token

ENS is an Ethereum-based name and lookup service that allows crypto users to convert their machine-readable addresses to human-readable addresses. The system can be thought of as a nickname generator for public addresses on the Ethereum blockchain, all of which are pointed towards the transformation of crypto assets into more accessible systems. The Ethereum Name […]

What is Efinity (EFI)?

Efinity crypto token

Efinity is the world’s first cross-chain NFT platform. It is an eco-friendly, scalable, and fast blockchain solution developed by Enjin. The system essentially defines itself as a cross-chain platform to suit the problems imposed on the world of NFTs. The technology used in the system goes beyond just being applied to regular blockchains systems, its […]

Metaverse Token 101: Everything You Must Know

Metaverse Token 101

If you’ve ever heard that a magician wants to put on a new hat to look different and conjure thrilling magic, you know it is time not to sit on the edge of your chair. That’s because he might blow you away. That is the same thing the Metaverse is bringing to the virtual world. […]

What is DAO Maker (DAO)?

DAO Maker crypto token

DAO Maker is a platform that facilitates the growth of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem through its provision of SaaS solutions for both nascent and growing startups in the cryptocurrency space. The main product of the system is the DAO pad, which is essentially an investment platform that exists on multiple levels allowing holders of the […]

What is Convex Finance (CVX)?

Convex Finance crypto token

Convex Finance is a platform that allows liquidity providers and stakers on the Curve Finance network to earn an increased amount of rewards without having to place their CRV tokens under lock. The platform does this at no extra charge or withdrawal fees apart from the minimal amount of performance fees. The system generally provides […]

What is BitDAO (BIT)?

bitdao crypto token

BitDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that seeks to support builders in both new and existing projects including DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and gaming. BitDAO is one of the world’s newest and largest autonomous organizations- meaning no one controls it- that aims to support developers with research, liquidity, bootstrapping, and funding. The DAO’s core mission is […]

What is Coin98 (C98)?

coin98 crypto token

Coin98 is a Defi solution that offers users access to a wide range of cross-chain swaps, as well as stalking and yield farming. According to the team behind its development, the platform aims at fulfilling a series of unsatisfied demands in the entire industry, and by extension becoming a Gateway that connects users of TradeFi […]

What is Burningmoon (BM)?

Burningmoon crypto token

BurningMoon is a hyper-deflationary reward-based token that provides its users with a variety of use cases. The platform holds a unique type of tokenomics which is aimed at the creation and sustainability of its entire ecosystem as a whole. As such, this differentiates it from most of the regular tokens entering the crypto space. At […]

What is Bifrost (BFC)?

Bifrost crypto token

Bifrost is a middleware multichain platform that allows developers to build decentralized apps based on a set of pre-existing protocols. The platform is not limited to a single blockchain, instead, it provides an environment where software developers can make use of the combination of the best protocols available to help in the development of more […]

What is Band Protocol (BAND)?

Band Protocol crypto token

Band Protocol is a cross-chain oracle platform that provides real-world data streams to on-chain applications and smart contracts. In short, it is a middleman of sorts that acts as a bridge between the blockchain and data outside of the platform. The underlying philosophy behind this project is to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency market. By […]

What is AscendEX (ASD)?

AscendEX crypto token

AscendEX, also known as BitMax is a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers its users a variety of products to suit their blockchain needs. These products cut across futures, margin, and spot trading, as well as staking opportunities with the support of over 150 blockchain-based platforms. Currently, the platform is a major service provider for […]

What is Anyswap (ANY)?

Anyswap crypto token

The Anyswap platform is a completely distributed protocol that was launched in 2020 to allow for the easy swapping of tokens from several different platforms. The platform is one of a collection of networks that have made their way into the Defi space to serve the purpose of facilitating cross-token trading and swaps. The system […]

What is Anji (ANJI)?

Anji crypto token

The Anji platform is a decentralized network of interconnected apps that are deployed in various uses in an ever-expanding ecosystem. The system has several services to offer its users, some of which cut across the provision of Defi services that are for the direct benefits of its token holders, as well as creating a development […]

What is RenBTC (RENBTC)?

RenBTC crypto token

The RenBTC platform is an ERC-20 token developed via the Ethereum network and pegged to Bitcoin that provides a store of value for its users. This implies that each unit of RENBTC can be proportionally redeemed for Bitcoin, and as such, its value is close to that of Bitcoin. The platform itself is an open-source […]

What is Orchid (OXT)?

Orchid crypto token

The Orchid platform is a decentralized bandwidth marketplace that enables the use of blockchain technology in a virtual private network (VPN). It is a dedicated type of software that is aimed at empowering a network of computer systems to regulate and maintain a decentralized VPN. Orchid establishes a trusted, secure distributed VPN on the Ethereum […]

What is Numeraire (NMR)?

Numeraire crypto token

The Numeraire network is an Ethereum-based system that allows data scientists and developers to carry out experiments and also facilitates the creation of machine learning models while improving their overall reliability. The major goal of the network is to provide the world of data science and software development with decentralization technologies to generally improve the […]

What is LottoCoin (LOTTO)?

LottoCoin crypto token

Lotto coin is a Defi blockchain-based solution that combines the traditional elements of lotteries with the innovative power of cryptocurrency technology. Over time, the Lotto coin has secured its place in the list of available cryptocurrencies because it provides an avenue for its holders to enter into the lottery draw on a daily basis. Lotto […]

What is GateToken (GT)?

GateToken crypto token

The GateToken is a subset of the GateChain network which is a globally recognized agency that facilitates the funding of cryptocurrency platforms. The company has its headquarters based in Hong Kong, and according to the principal partners, it is designed to cater for high-difficulty transactions via a protocol that delivers a clearing mechanism that takes […]

What is Function X (FX)?

Function X crypto token

The Function X platform is an entire ecosystem that was developed to serve the developers in the world of blockchain technology. Additionally, the system is also credited as a cross-chain platform that according to the network is based on a pBFT and a pos. Given that cross-chain technology isn’t completely mainstream in the world, most […]