What is Victoria (VR)?

Victoria crypto token

Victoria VR is the world’s first open-source blockchain-based virtual reality metaverse with realistic graphics that provides a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), entertainment, and many other activities.  The entire world is built to serve as a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications, resulting in the creation of a metaverse built […]

What is happening with the Ethereum (ETH) rate amid Zhejiang testnet update

Ethereum rate

The current market price of Ethereum (ETH) is hovering around $1570. If the price manages to consolidate above the critical level of $1670, it could be an encouraging sign for bullish investors. On January 31, the developers of Ethereum made an exciting announcement regarding the launch of the Zhejiang test network. The primary purpose of […]