Regulatory Framework Impacts on DeFi Adoption

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is scaling up to become one of the most relevant sectors in the blockchain industry. This explosive growth makes DeFi witness a five-time increase in the total asset value locked in different DeFi platforms. It increased from $21,000,000,000 to $100,000,000,000 in a space of two years. Despite financial opportunities—such as DeFi’s lending […]

What is PerksCoin (PCT)?

PerksCoin crypto token

PerksCoin is a dedicated cryptocurrency platform that is based on the Ethereum network and designed to facilitate transactions within the PerksCoin Transaction platform. The platform was designed by CannaSOS Corp to be run on a decentralized blockchain system where transparency and security are at the highest level for all financial transactions on the network. The […]

What is IOS technology (IOST)?

IOS technology crypto token

Frauds, data inaccuracy, and lack of privacy control are some disadvantages of a centralized digital system. Although the onset of a decentralized system solves most of these demerits, transactional fees, and low scalability are some drawbacks, rendering it useless for heavy service providers like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon to use. The IOS technology aims to […]

What is KuCoin (KCS)?

KuCoin crypto token

The KuCoin token is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that allows participants to draw value from the exchange by using its profit-sharing token. Upon its ERC-20 specifications release, it was available across several Ethereum wallets. The platform announced that the empowerment of its dedicated cryptocurrency token, KCS will be its major priority. It further stated that […]

What is Near Protocol (NEAR)?

Near Protocol crypto token

Near Protocol is a decentralized application system that is designed to improve the usability of applications on the web. The NEAR token also serves as the dedicated cryptocurrency of the NEAR blockchain and can be put to a series of uses inside its system. One of its major uses is in the integration of decentralized […]

Robinhood’s stock tanks following a drop in crypto trading

HOOD, the stock of American financial services firm Robinhood, plunged by approximately 8% in after-hours trading on Tuesday after the trading platform’s revenue tanked due to light crypto trading. A report unveiled this news earlier today, citing the firm’s earnings call, which disclosed that its crypto trading revenue fell to $51 million in Q3 2021, […]

US Regulators Scrutinizing the Cryptocurrency Space

The mainstream media has experienced massive crypto coverage that indicates regulators’ worries about the crypto market in the past few days. Their concerns revolve around the lack of protection over investors’ money. And this runs up to 2 trillion U.S. dollars while being associated with financial risks. With this, we saw how federal agencies are […]

What is Fantom Token (FTM)?

Fantom Token crypto token

Fantom is a directed acyclic graph platform that facilitates the execution of different kinds of cryptocurrency transactions in the Defi community through smart contracts. The Fantom network aims to solve a series of problems faced by the blockchain community. With its in-house token, FTM, the platform aims to provide solutions facing the integration of smart […]

What is Filecoin (FIL)?

Filecoin crypto token

Made by the infamous Protocol labs and built on top of the Interplanary File System, Filecoin is an open-source, publicly-accessed cryptocurrency token that allows users to rent space on vacant hard drives to store information. It is a digital asset as well as a blockchain-based digital storage system for easy data retrieval. With its initial […]

What is Bancor (BNT)?

Bancor crypto token

The Bancor software is aimed at encouraging users to lock their cryptocurrency assets in exchange pools and allows them to earn fees for assets bought or sold by the traders. The Bancor platform is able to facilitate its network transactions via a system called the Automatic Market Maker. The system is an established mechanism that […]

SHIB holds gains despite Elon Musk saying DOGE is the people’s crypto

Shiba Inu (SHIB), a Dogecoin (DOGE) offshoot, has, once again, made headlines after its bullish performance over the weekend. The canine-themed cryptocurrency surged past $0.00003 and traded higher than $0.00004, entering the top-15 list of leading cryptos by market capitalization. The coin has since held on to this position.  According to CoinMarketCap, SHIB’s ascent started […]

Bitcoin sets new ATH; Triggers Pimco to consider trading cryptos

Bitcoin (BTC), the largest crypto by market capitalization, has surged to new heights after the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The digital asset opened this week changing hands at $61,548.80 and surged to revisit the $64,000 level on October 19, the day of the ETF’s listing. The ETF, […]

NFTb Gaming: A DeFi and NFT Platform Revolutionizing In-game Assets Value Recognition

Despite the growth of NFT in recent months, game creators are facing difficulties in launching new projects in the marketplace. This is due to the absence of interoperability in the industry. Recognizing this, NFTb—a multi-chain NFT and DeFi platform—is creating the first cross-chain project to eliminate this barrier and allow game creators to launch a […]

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token crypto token

Running smoothly in the Ethereum ecosystem and a natively integrated platform called Brave, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency token that seems to serve as a monetary incentive for internet users to get paid while viewing well-meaningful and specifically tailors ads. It intends to create a beneficial cycle between creators and internet users […]

Crypto Ransomware Fight: Joint War Proclamation from Regulators and Crypto Industry

By April 2021, there was an increase in the cases of ransomware attacks by 45%. But some are not bothered because they believe these attacks are associated with the unusual growth. Despite this uncertainty around the crypto space, individuals demand regulations. The Major Cause of this Movement Having a good understanding of the cause of […]

Q4 Crypto Spike: 5 Cryptos Spiraling Upward Trend Caused by Institutional Adoption

Cryptocurrency has been on a wild move since the start of this year. It is a combination of excitement and enthusiasm around the crypto space. Meanwhile, this revolves around the growth the crypto market experienced in the first six months of 2021. As a result, crypto-related products and decentralized finance (DeFi) became the new discourse […]

What is AABB Gold Token (AABBG)?

AABB Gold Token crypto token

AABB Gold is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform that was created with the backing of gold providing it with a somewhat stable price level. Although the cryptocurrency is not a stable coin, however, it has several of the qualities of a stable coin because of its gold reserve backing. The backing comes from its mother company […]

What is Aurora (AOA)?

Aurora crypto token

Aurora is a dedicated peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform that was created to make the blockchain industry more colorful by facilitating the easy and fast development of blockchain-based applications. The system was created with the mission of painting the blockchain industry in new colors which share a striking resemblance to polar lights. In essence, the Aurora platform […]

What is Chiliz (CHZ)?

Chiliz crypto token

Chiliz is a dedicated cryptocurrency for the world of sports and entertainment designed by a Malta-based fintech company. The system is a blockchain-based entertainment platform that works with Socios which allows the participants on the network to partake in the governance of their preferred sports brands. Through the medium provided by the system, sports clubs […]

What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland crypto token

The Decentraland platform is essentially a virtual reality platform backed by the Ethereum network which allows its users to create, as well as monetize content and apps. In its virtual world, participants on the platform can purchase pieces of land that later develop to monetize its content. The platform was launched officially in 2017 after […]