Crypto Tax vs. Crypto Traders: Conflicts of the Crypto Space and Tax World

In the past few months, the buzzwords have been “cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFTs.” This is due to the popularity of how individuals are leveraging cryptocurrency to create wealth and make it a source of income. The major advantage is the leverage of blockchain and how decentralization allows financial inclusion regardless of race, age, color, and […]

What is Storj (STORJ) token?

Storj crypto token

The Storj platform, which is pronounced as “storage,” is a dedicated open-source platform for storage. The system essentially uses a form of a decentralized network of nodes that have the responsibility of hosting the data of users of the platform. Additionally, Storj also provided a proportional amount of security via an advanced encryption protocol. According […]

What is SwissBorg (CHSB) token?

SwissBorg crypto token

The SwissBorg network is a platform that has democratized the process of wealth administration and management and made it into a fair, and community-centric system. With a team of over 180 people and its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, the platform allows its users to access virtual currency exchange, as well as virtual currency wallets on […]

Top 10 Mischievous Crypto News No One Told You in 2021

Top 10 Mischievous Crypto News No One Told You in 2021

When you take a critical look into the publicity given to the crypto industry, you would think that sad events are not occurring in the space. Cryptocurrency adoption is taking the upward ride. But despite the financial advantage, the truth remains that there are many gloomy cases in the crypto space. An increase in publicity […]

What is WOO network (WOO)?

WOO network crypto token

The WOO network is a liquidity platform that connects traders, organizations, blockchain ecosystem, dealers with decentralized access to quality trading at almost no cost. It is a platform that connects centralized users with decentralized users. Fully developed in 2019 for public use by a development team called Kronos Research, a cryptocurrency trading organization that focuses […]

What is Badger DAO (BADGER) token?

Badger DAO crypto token

The Badger Dao system is a decentralized automated organization, built as an open-source platform that allows the development of specific infrastructure and products meant to simplify the use of Bitcoin as a form of collateral across several smart contract platforms. The network is essentially a platform shared by different developers, known as Badge Builders that are […]

What is Swipe (SXP) token?

Swipe crypto token

The Swipe network is a platform that was created to serve as a bridge linking the world of fiat currency and that of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at large via a dedicated API programmed to deliver payment cards on a global scale that are facilitated by its native token, SXP. The system is made up […]

What is WINkLink (WIN)?

WINkLink crypto token

There are many requirements in the application of smart contracts in the real world ranging from securities smart contracts such as bonds, interest rate derivatives that require access to APIs reporting market prices and market reference. Insurance smart contracts that need data feeds about IoT data related to the insurable event in question. Trade finance […]

What is Verasity (VRA)?

Verasity crypto token

The Verasity network is a dedicated next-gen platform used mainly for video share but also harnesses the top qualities of traditional systems such as crowdfunding or advertising and eliminates the need for intermediaries thus preserving the value of the community. The network is able to achieve this via a combination of protocols involving proof of […]

What is Xyo (XYO)?

Xyo crypto token

The XYO coin is an Ethereum based token that powers a decentralized network of systems that collect and validate geospatial data anonymously. In general, there has been a surge in the invention of trustless, blockchain-based smart contracts, as such, a need for oracle services that integrate the outcome of a contract has grown in demand. […]

What is Dogelon Mars (ELON)?

Dogelon Mars crypto token

Dogelon Mars (ELON) is a fast-rising, relatively new cryptocurrency named after crypto icon and Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk. It is a meme coin that is based on the popular Dogecoin cryptocurrency (DOGE). Dogelon Mars recently became quite popular on the wave of retail enthusiasm and social media hype. The makers of Dogelon […]

What is Ankr (ANKR)?

Ankr crypto token

Ankr Is a Web 3.0 infrastructure provider that offers a globally distributed network of nodes to over 40 blockchains dory multi-chain access. The Ankr platform is built on a multi-chain node foundation and provides a one-click model deployment and management. It also offers instant API access to all major protocols, blockchains, and ecosystems. It simplifies […]

What is Cartesi (CTSI)?

Cartesi crypto token

The Cartesi network is a dedicated Layer 2 platform that provides scaling solutions that facilitate the all-around development of Defi apps across a series of blockchains. As the pioneering operating system on the blockchain, Cartesi, along with its layer-2 system is able to integrate a standard environment for programming with Linux to its network. As […]

What is Celer Network (CELR)?

Celer Network crypto token

The Celer Network is a system constructed on a layer-2 scaling protocol that allows off-chain transactions to be handled within its ecosystem. Celer provides a series of advantages such as its speed, simplicity, and the security protocols involved in its off-chain transactions which are incorporated for both smart contracts and payments. In as much as […]

What is Alpha Finance (ALPHA)?

Alpha Finance crypto token

The Alpha Finance network is a DeFi platform operated on a cross-chain that is aimed at bringing users to the Alpha platform on a collection of different blockchains, some of which include the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum blockchain. Alpha is directed towards producing an ecosystem of decentralized financial products which are created to […]

What is Illuvium (ILV)?

Illuvium crypto token

Illuvium is the world’s first play-to-earn AAA NFT blockchain game built on Ethereum. It is a decentralized role-playing game (RPG) game that empowers players to create worlds and share them with other players. With this powerful crypto game, players can create and upload their own content and be rewarded for doing so through Illuvium’s ecosystem […]

What is Injective Protocol (INJ)?

Injective Protocol crypto token

The Injective protocol is a platform that allows its users unlimited access to a plethora of Defi markets. The system allows users to create any financial market of their choosing on its fast, cross-chain, network at zero gas fee. The system also provides a total decentralized exchange protocol while its security is top-notch. Injective Chain […]

What is Origin Protocol (OGN)?

Origin Protocol crypto token

Origin Protocol is a decentralized marketplace with the goal of eliminating third-party fees and commissions and making shopping fairer for all. It is a blockchain-based platform coupled with an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token (origins) that provides users full control over their own data as well as the opportunity to participate in a marketplace that is open, […]

Explained: Makers, takers, and tariffs on crypto exchanges

Many crypto trading platforms operate on maker/taker systems. Users placing orders become either makers or takers. The market makers and takers pay commission for conducting trade on the exchange. However, the commission rates are dependent on the role the trader or client plays in the system. The rates also vary on different exchanges based on […]

BitCanna Initiates IBC and Get Listed on Osmosis

The world around us today is interconnected as it spans natural and man-made forms. And no, it is not leaving the internet behind. To make functionality a sustainable process, each network has its standing rules. But what brings the best out of these networks is the collaboration between them. This helps them achieve more with […]