Why Crypto Paycheck May Pose Some Challenges and Cause Tax Hiccups

Crypto Paycheck

The recent bullish run of Bitcoin exploded the crypto market and spurred more individual interest in cryptocurrency. Its recent $60,000 price hike helped establish its potency. As a result, businesses are interested in accepting it as payment. This extends to the labor market wherein employees now demand that their payroll be processed as cryptocurrency paycheck. […]

How TikTok Influencer Encourages Massive Cryptocurrency Trading

TikTok Influencer

Understanding the complexity of the cryptocurrency space will save you from burning your capital portfolio. While other TikTok influencers are focused on making enough from their followers, CryptoWendyO is building a community that has undoubtedly impacted them. Who Is CryptoWendyO? The TikTok Female Cryptocurrency Influencer Rochelle, popular known as CryptoWendyO to her community of hundred […]

Why Copyright Policy Is Important for Non-Fungible Token (NFTs)

NFTs and Copyright Policy

The massive adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the blockchain society is a novel means for creators to reward their creativity. However, there is a looming problem resulting from the conflict of ownership and NFT copyright. Without a solution to this, NFTs won’t reach their full potentials. NFT Explosion in 2021 The first six months […]

DeFi vs. Regulation: How Regulation Can Rip DeFi of Its Value

DeFi vs Regulation

DeFi is making financial inclusion easier by each day. But there is a growing need to conduct this financial service in a regulated environment. This regulatory measure is to provide security for both the users and the exchange developers. But the values of DeFi can rip off due to regulation. Has Peer-to-Peer Helped? The existence […]

Bloomberg’s Analyst Predicted Increased Tether’s Adoption Over Ethereum: Bitcoin Neared Zero Backing on Gold Standards

Bloomberg's Analyst about Bitcoin Nearing Zero

Bitcoin rides the bull market as compared to gold in the commodity market. Despite that other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) may not easily reverse their high prices due to increasing volatility, Bitcoin’s performance trajectory will keep improving because of its firm foundation. This foundation causes crypto expansion into more creation of decentralized exchanges and decentralized finances. Will […]

You Can Now Buy Tesla EV Using Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: BOTS Inc Announced


On August 16th, 2021, BOTS Inc. announced that they are now creating a platform to allow car buyers to purchase used Tesla cars with Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. This prompted the increasing business opportunities for merchants accepting cryptocurrencies as payments for their products and services. The increasing cryptocurrency popularity is creating a new line to […]

Consumers’ Surge in Using Crypto to Buy Stuff: 60% Wants Crypto Payment Option

60% of Consumers Want to Buy Stuff with Crypto

Despite the restrictions surrounding the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, holders and non-holders are willing to use cryptocurrency for purchases. A survey conducted by PYMNTS.com reveals that owners, users, and non-holders prefer cryptocurrency payment to the traditional payment methods because of its privacy and untampered security features. This survey reveals that about 60-70% of individuals […]

Ethereum Network Becomes Scalable with ‘London Hard Fork’ Upgrade

Ethereum London Hard Fork Goes Live

Ethereum blockchain network launched ‘London Hard Fork,’ its new upgrade last Thursday, August 5th, 2021. This upgrade is programmed to change the Ether mining process on the Ethereum platform and reward the platform users than the miners. As a result of this upgrade, exchanges and other platforms announced the suspension of Ethereum deposits and withdrawal […]

NFT 101: How to Determine NFT Value

NFT 101

The disruptive nature of cryptocurrency technology results in continuous efforts to create similar projects or those slightly different from the original one while employing the same model. Meanwhile, there is always a significant development in the crypto space that receives enormous publicity. One of those significant developments is the creation of non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens […]

Bitcoin May Possibly Hit $60K Instead of $20k: Bloomberg’s Senior Strategist Posits

$60K Rise for Bitcoin

A senior strategist at Bloomberg, McGlone, believes that Bitcoin may retrace its bullish run after presenting a chart analysis. The shared chart compared the current Bitcoin market position with a similar market event that had occurred during the 2018/2019 trading period. Based on his previous bullish call, he is convinced that Bitcoin’s price may spike […]

The Wolf of Wall Street Interview: Jordan Belfort Input on Tether (USDT)

Wolf of Wall Street Bitcoin

The recent interview of Jordan Belfort, a bitcoin bull nicknamed the Wolf of Wall Street, with Coindesk sparked discussion across Tether being a scam, the benefits of emerging DeFi, NFTs, other stablecoins, and the possible regulatory activities that may happen in the crypto world.   Is Tether (USDT) Really a Scam? Tether as a scam […]