Everything You Need to Know About Asset Tokenization 2024

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The unprecedented growth of cryptocurrencies has opened an opportunity for investors looking to harness the numerous opportunities of the blockchain. Cryptocurrency, though the blockchain has merged many industries, allows for the production of traditional assets with real-world use. The development of these assets is called asset tokenization. Upon initial glance, tokenization refers to recording asset […]

Tokenization of carbon credits

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Article Overview What are carbon credits? What is tokenization? What is carbon credit tokenization? Differences between carbon tokens and cryptocurrencies Benefits of carbon credit tokenization Different models of carbon credit tokenization Which utility do carbon credits provide? How is carbon credit tokenized? Create carbon credit tokens with PTPShopy As climate activists raise more awareness, the […]

Stablecoins: what are they?

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Cryptocurrency quotes tend to show extremely high volatility. However, some types of cryptocurrencies – stablecoins – have a relatively stable exchange rate due to a different operating principle. We tell you how stablecoins work, what types they come in, and why investors use them.  What is a stablecoin and what are its principles of operation? […]

Understanding Fundraising: ICOs, STOs, and IPOs

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Fundraising is central for startups, whether they’re moving into the world of cryptocurrencies or sticking to traditional markets. But what exactly are ICOs, STOs, and IPOs, and how do they vary? Back in the day, fundraising meant events and face-to-face interactions, mainly for charitable grounds. Cryptocurrency has ushered in a new era of global communication […]