What is MStable (MUSD)?


MStable is a stablecoin infrastructure that is autonomous and non-custodial and was created to give decentralized finance platforms and protocols a foundational collateral protocol upon which to build DeFi apps. Noncustodial stablecoins are digital assets whose private keys to wallets are entirely under the control of their owners, without the need for a middleman. Each […]

Bitcoin Ordinals on the Verge of Flipping Ethereum NFTs

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The native non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for Bitcoin, referred to as “Ordinals,” are about to overtake Ethereum in the NFT market.  The sales and number of active buyers for The Ordinals have significantly increased, with spectacular increases of 129.50% in USD sales and approximately 10% of the buyer market. Ethereum still leads the NFT sector with […]