What is iMe Lab (LIME)?

iMe Lab crypto token

iMe Lab is a multifunctional Artificial Intelligence (AI) Telegram-based platform. It describes itself as an ecosystem that empowers Telegram users with outstanding functionalities, AI, and DeFi tools. It is the first smart platform to incorporate DeFi features in the messaging platform, which makes it simple and quick to send cryptocurrency, making transactions quick, safe, and […]

The NFT Market Expected to Exceed $200 Billion Mark


The Metamorphosis of NFTs: From Crypto Enthusiasts to Global Economy Disruptors Prepare for a paradigm shift as the NFT market catapults beyond the $200 billion threshold, fundamentally reshaping perceptions of value and ownership in the realms of both digital and physical domains. In 2022, the NFT market boasted an astonishing valuation of $20.44 billion, capturing […]