Crypto Tax vs. Crypto Traders: Conflicts of the Crypto Space and Tax World

In the past few months, the buzzwords have been “cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFTs.” This is due to the popularity of how individuals are leveraging cryptocurrency to create wealth and make it a source of income. The major advantage is the leverage of blockchain and how decentralization allows financial inclusion regardless of race, age, color, and […]

What is Storj (STORJ) token?

Storj crypto token

The Storj platform, which is pronounced as “storage,” is a dedicated open-source platform for storage. The system essentially uses a form of a decentralized network of nodes that have the responsibility of hosting the data of users of the platform. Additionally, Storj also provided a proportional amount of security via an advanced encryption protocol. According […]

What is SwissBorg (CHSB) token?

SwissBorg crypto token

The SwissBorg network is a platform that has democratized the process of wealth administration and management and made it into a fair, and community-centric system. With a team of over 180 people and its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, the platform allows its users to access virtual currency exchange, as well as virtual currency wallets on […]