and AEG ink a $700M deal to rename Staples Center

Hong Kong-based has signed a deal with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), the owner of the Staples Center, to rename the 20,000-seat stadium Arena. A report unveiled this news earlier today, noting that the crypto platform parted with $700.00 million to secure naming rights to the arena. Reportedly, this is the largest naming right […]

Best Security Measures to Consider in Cryptocurrency Trading

Digital assets have become one of the prime targets for attackers. Malicious actors have found sophisticated ways to target users transacting in cryptocurrencies. It is therefore essential to implement the best security measures to protect your cryptocurrency funds. In this article, we look at some of the important security measures that users’ can deploy to […]

What is the Problem with Facebook’s Metaverse Evolution?

The pandemic has seen massive adoption in the metaverse concept. For some people, virtual and augmented reality is something they have lived on Zoom. Community-built and operated worlds like The Sandbox, CryptoKitties, and Decentraland use the gaming market, where people can buy or rent digital real estate, crypto-collectibles, and host online events. Virtual Reality platforms […]

Squid Games Collapsed. How to Spot a Rug Pull-in Crypto

The crypto industry has been booming recently. More cryptocurrencies have emerged to solve the centralization problem the financing sector faces. However, some people are out to take advantage of the crypto popularity and naivety of some investors. Thus, the start-ups lure angel investors with enticing promises and schemes only to steal from them. Despite the […]

Emerging Blockchain Networks are Gaining Popularity

Over the years, the blockchain industry has significantly expanded. New networks to overcome the shortcomings of current blockchains are emerging. Ethereum has become a major inspiration for the emergence of these blockchains. The smart contract, consensus, scalability, and open-source features have been improved in the new networks. Examples include Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and many more. […]

SEC stops American CryptoFed from registering its two tokens

The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has blocked the registration of two digital tokens by Wyoming-based American CryptoFed. A report disclosed this news on November 10, noting the regulator claims the company published insufficient and misleading information on their registration form.  According to the report, the SEC’s response comes after the company submitted the registration […]

Miami mayor says city residents will get dividends from MiamiCoin

Miami mayor Francis Suarez has disclosed that Miami intends to become the first city in the US to offer its residents dividends in Bitcoin (BTC). He shared this bullish information during an interview on November 11, saying Miami will obtain funds to finance this initiative from its cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin (MIA). In the interview, Mayor Suarez […]

Gaming Industry: Blockchain Technology Reformation and Revitalization

When you look into the gaming industry, you will accept that in-game purchases of items, tools, or weapons are a popular concept, and players have accepted them totally as a norm. This concept is known as microtransactions, and they have become a part of free-to-play games. With this, players buy virtual items to unlock new […]

Stablecoin Regulations: Transparency as a Benchmark to Begin With

Stablecoins have gone on to establish their relevance in the crypto space. That’s because they have proven over time that market participants or traders can leverage stablecoins to preserve their portfolio capital and save them from the market’s volatility. However, critics believe that they are some gambles in disguise. Regardless of the nature of the […]

Business Tokenization: Developing the Best Token for Your Business

The digital era has come with different technological advances and inclusive participation from the blockchain ecosystem. This spun from the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and the development of innovative features like decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens. Likewise, businesses are also leveraging the digital currency space to increase investors’ and partners’ […]

Defining the Metaverse: Decentralization or Digital Tyranny

Blockchain development and the innovations that follow its establishment have brought excitement and diverse leverage of decentralization in this digital era. Facebook’s announcement of rebranding to Meta caused another steer in the Metaverse space. Facebook boost to introduce a new to interact with others on the internet and navigate it. The most prominent social media […]

Is Crypto a ‘common good’ for the next generation?

Blockchain networks are supportive of principles that allow permissionless usage and open access. The technology has worked to shy away from political influence and regulation that may undermine the idea of independence and democracy. However, the governance and accountability of decentralized finance networks have always been questioned. In addition, the answer has always been that […]

The Similarities and Differences Between Crypto and Forex Trading

Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, crypto trading has attracted comparisons with foreign exchange trading. A significant number of prospective traders have no idea of the difference between the two and which market to venture into. The duo is accredited as two of the most profitable markets despite their risky nature. Thus, they have attracted a […]

Best wallets to send crypto via Email or SMS

Cryptocurrency has taken the finance industry by storm, enabling users to send and receive instant payments using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Investing in cryptocurrency goes way beyond creating an account on an exchange, ranging from security to control. If you are interested in investing in crypto, you will need a wallet to store your tokens, send […]

Seven Cryptocurrency Trading Tools

Crypto trading is a profitable yet risky venture. What determines whether your venture in crypto becomes a success or a total flop lies in the trading tools you utilize. In this lesson, we will take you through some of the best crypto trading tools that are useful to beginners. Crypto wallets First of all, a […]

What is Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

Theta Fuel crypto token

Theta fuel is one of the two tokens used on the Theta blockchain used for the delivery of video and audio utility services. Theta Fuel is completely different from the Theta token which is the governance token used on the network and supported by thousands of Guardian nodes in one community. TFUEL on the other […]

What is Kusama (KSM)?

Kusama crypto token

Kusama Is an experimental blockchain-based platform that has a design basis of creating a scalable and interoperable structure for developers and other participants on the network. The Kusama system is built on a Substrate framework. This allows for the level of interoperability required by the network. It is a kit used for the development of […]

What is NEM (XME)?

NEM crypto token

The New Economy Movement, NME is a collection of systems that make use of cryptography and blockchain technology in the provision of services to individuals and groups. XME serves as NME’s NIS1 native cryptocurrency. The operations of the NIS1 platform are similar to that of the Bitcoin network in that it consists of a network […]

What are Stacks (STX)?

Stacks crypto token

Stacks is a cryptocurrency platform built with a layer-1 blockchain that allows the seamless transfer of DeFi applications and smart contracts to the Bitcoin network. When these platforms are added to the bitcoin network, they retain all their usual features including the security protocol and stability. The decentralized apps on the platform are designed to […]

SHIB Turned $3,400 Investor to a Crypto Billionaire Over a Year

One of the big news hitting the mainstream from the crypto space is how Shiba Inu (SHIB) turned a SHIB holder into an overnight crypto billionaire. You may not call it an “overnight” phenomenon because this is a 12-month outturn for the SHIB investor. Around August last year, the unknown SHIB holder purchased Shiba Inu […]