Regulatory Framework Impacts on DeFi Adoption

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is scaling up to become one of the most relevant sectors in the blockchain industry. This explosive growth makes DeFi witness a five-time increase in the total asset value locked in different DeFi platforms. It increased from $21,000,000,000 to $100,000,000,000 in a space of two years. Despite financial opportunities—such as DeFi’s lending […]

What is PerksCoin (PCT)?

PerksCoin crypto token

PerksCoin is a dedicated cryptocurrency platform that is based on the Ethereum network and designed to facilitate transactions within the PerksCoin Transaction platform. The platform was designed by CannaSOS Corp to be run on a decentralized blockchain system where transparency and security are at the highest level for all financial transactions on the network. The […]

What is IOS technology (IOST)?

IOS technology crypto token

Frauds, data inaccuracy, and lack of privacy control are some disadvantages of a centralized digital system. Although the onset of a decentralized system solves most of these demerits, transactional fees, and low scalability are some drawbacks, rendering it useless for heavy service providers like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon to use. The IOS technology aims to […]

What is KuCoin (KCS)?

KuCoin crypto token

The KuCoin token is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that allows participants to draw value from the exchange by using its profit-sharing token. Upon its ERC-20 specifications release, it was available across several Ethereum wallets. The platform announced that the empowerment of its dedicated cryptocurrency token, KCS will be its major priority. It further stated that […]

What is Near Protocol (NEAR)?

Near Protocol crypto token

Near Protocol is a decentralized application system that is designed to improve the usability of applications on the web. The NEAR token also serves as the dedicated cryptocurrency of the NEAR blockchain and can be put to a series of uses inside its system. One of its major uses is in the integration of decentralized […]