Solana (SOL) gains 13,000% year-to-date to become the 6th largest coin

Solana, a protocol that leverages the blockchain’s permissionless design to offer DeFi solutions, has become an internet sensation after the impressive performance of its native token, Solana (SOL). The coin has gained more than 13,000% since the year began, becoming a favorite investment for many in the crypto space. As a result, the coin surged […]

Exploding Tokenization Power of NFTs – How NFTs Is Tokenizing Everything

Exploding Tokenization Power of NFTs

This disruptive blockchain innovation witnessed a great sales capacity by accounting for about five billion US Dollars NFT sales over the last month. This resulted from the adoption of NFTs across industries and how individuals—and groups—are joining the bandwagon. No one wants to be left out. However, NFTs are creating a wave that allows you […]