What is Sin City Metaverse (SIN)?

Sin City Metaverse crypto token

Imagine your very own decentralized virtual world, centered around a social play-to-earn empire-building model and housing multiple gaming & gambling applications for an immersive experience. Sounds exciting, then you would love Sin City Metaverse or Sinverse.  ‘Sin City’ is a Metaverse multi-player game built on Blockchain Technology and was launched on 17th October 2021 live […]

What is SaTT (SaTT)?

SaTT crypto token

SaTT is a digital advertising token that facilitates smoother transactions between content creators and advertisers as it allows for faster, cheaper, and more secure digital advertising purchases. Conceived out of the need to decentralize the global advertising landscape, SaTT is a blockchain-based advertising project currently running on a dual chain: The Ethereum blockchain and the […]