Core State Hires Robert Kane Consulting and Joseph Chivini to Plan Trading on the CSE, Develop BD Department

Core State Holdings, Corp. is proud to announce its partnership with Robert Kane Consulting, Inc., and Joseph Chivini in regards to exploring strategies for Core State Holdings, Corp. to eventually trade on the CSE, OTC, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and to further expand the Business Development Department.

Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), formerly the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX), is an alternative stock exchange in Canada. The CSE offers simplified reporting requirements and reduced barriers to listing. It is an alternative for micro-cap and emerging companies. It is fully automated, rather than using the traditional open outcry physical trading floor system.

OTC markets group is an American financial market that provides price and liquidity for almost 10,000 securities. The OTC was founded in 1913 and will give Core State Holdings, Corp. exposure to American investors.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange was founded in 1585 and is the 10th largest by market capitalization. The exchange trades in Euro and gives Core State Holdings, Corp. exposure to European investors.

“We are excited to be working with Robert Kane Consulting in regards to creating a decisive strategy to take Core State Holdings, Corp. public.” Stated Oleg Cheine, Founder & CEO. “We feel the time is right to create a new and healthy shareholder base. This will be the catalyst for Core State Holdings, Corp. to achieve the next level of our mission and to achieve our company’s goals.”

Joseph Chivini has joined the firm on its Business Development team in order to further expand the Business Development Department’s operations and growth. Mr. Chivini is an experienced business development professional, with a history of sales and marketing excellence in the professional services and management consulting industries. He has assisted businesses in the execution of strategies that drive revenue growth, profitability, operational efficiencies, and technology integration. He has raised over $25M over the past 5 years for startups based in technology, crypto, cannabis and orphan drug industries.

Chivini attended Loyola University and The University of Chicago, and he has served as a mentor to several startup incubators – including Canopy Boulder, 1871, Lightbank, and 1776.

Oleg Cheine, President email, [email protected]

Robert Kane, Investor Relations, email [email protected] phone 719.640.7360

Joseph Chivini, Business Developer, email: [email protected]

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